Service / Extender Cable for the 8558B and 8559A Spectrum Analyzers

This cable allows external connection of the spectrum analyzer plugins to the display mainframe for service and calibration. The standard length is 40 inches (1 meter). Other lengths available upon request.

Our cable now comes standard with external clip leads that are used to connect the vertical amplifier outputs on the vertical driver board A15 in the plugin to the vertical deflection plates of the CRT in the mainframe. Additional details of the location of the connections on A15 are shown here. For complete details, please refer to the service manuals for your particular plugin and mainframe.

Extender Cable Installation -
WARNING: Disconnect mainframe line cord before installing extender cable assembly.

NOTE: Always connect the clip leads with the instrument in the power off condition. The vertical amplifier has +100V supply voltage and can be damaged if the clip leads contact chassis ground.

Order Part Number: 5060-0303

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