RF Cables for the 8753 Series Network Analyzers -
8753A, 8753B, 8753C, and 8753D

These are precision 50 ohm RF interconnect cables for the 8753 network analyzer to 85046A or 85047A s-parameter test sets. The cables use slotless N-type connectors for low SWR and are cut to precise lengths for equal time delay (phase matching). Typical phase match error is less than 2 degrees at 3 GHz among a set of four cables. Each cable is swept to 8 GHz, but is usable to 18 GHz. These cables also can be used with the 35677A, 8503A, and 87511A 50 ohm s-parameter test sets in place of the 8120-4387 RF cables. Sold in matched sets of four. Standard length is 7.5 inches (19.05 cm).

Order Part Number: 8120-4782-set

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