Multiport Test Set I/O Interconnect Cable

This cable is used with various Agilent / HP multiport test sets such as the 87030A, 87050A, 87050E, 87075C, Z5623A, Z5623AK66, etc. The cable consists of a 20 inch (0.5 meter) long shielded cable with a 25-pin D-subminiature connector on both ends. Standard length is 20 inches (0.5 meter); other lengths available upon request. We have a limited quantity of the Agilent OEM cables in stock. Our cables are built to order and similar in apparance to the OEM cable pictured below.

Order Part Number: 8120-6818-oem

Order Part Number: 8120-6818

8120-6818 Multiport I/O CableClick picture to enlarge