Bus Interconnect Cable for the 8566A, 8566B, 8567,
8568A and 8568B Spectrum Analyzers

This cable connects the display unit to the RF unit. Select "-60094" for standard version or "-60220" for the version with tracking generator option. The tracking generator option adds SMA connector for access to the hswp in/out signal.

Quality Standard: After assembly, each cable is assigned a serial number, labeled, and tested on our custom VXI-based cable tester (see picture below). The VXI system is controlled by a Labview Vi that is customized for each cable type (85662-60094 or 85662-60220). Upon satisfactory completion of the test, a test certificate is printed and shipped with the cable. Our customers are guaranteed a quality product that should provide many years of trouble-free operation. In addition, we can provide a "Certificate of Compliance" at no extra charge.

The 50-pin ribbon connector contacts are susceptible to contamination that can lead to intermittent instrument operation or loss of functionality. Inspect the 50-pin ribbon connector contacts on the instrument chassis and mating cable for dirt, lint, debris, or other contamination. If found, clean contacts with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and blow-dry with clean dry air. Use a lint-free cloth or swab.

Order Part Number: 85662-60094 w/o tracking generator option
Order Part Number: 85662-60220 with tracking generator option (see inset below)

NOTE: If you have an "A" version RF unit with a recessed 50-pin micro-ribbon "Centronics-type" connector, we can supply longer jack screws upon request. Please confirm when placing an order.

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