High Voltage Interface Cable for the Fluke 5725A Amplifier

This cable connects the Fluke 5725A Amplifier to the Fluke 5700A / 5720A Series II Calibrators. Our cable has fully guarded and shielded internal analog signal/sense lines. The digital I/O control lines are isolated and shielded from the analog signal lines. There is a silver braid over all and an outer nylon braid for abrasion resistance. The high voltage wire and pin connections are terminated using custom-machined teflon covers over the solder joint to increase high voltage, high frequency performance over the standard connector pin. Unlike the Fluke cable, our cable is repairable. Standard length is approximately 28 inches (0.71 meter). Other lengths are available upon request. Old Fluke part number is 859897; new Fluke part number is 842901.

Order Part Number: 859897 / 842901

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