70800 Series OEM Style MSIB Cables

The 70800 series cables are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the modular system interface bus (MSIB) standard. The MSIB cables have controlled impedances (twisted pairs) to minimize reflections at the line driver and receiver terminations in the 70004A display and 70001A mainframe.

Cables longer than 0.5 meter, without controlled impedances, may cause communications problems between the 70004A and 70001A. Do not use commonly available DB37 computer cables. They may look the same, but they will not work. Internal connections are completely different and probably lack controlled impedances.

Standard part numbers and lengths:
Order P/N 70800A-OEM, 0.5 meter
Order P/N 70800B-OEM, 1.0 meter

Note: metric M3 size jackscrews are standard for 70000 series instruments.

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