USB Driver Installation


In order for your computer and LabVIEW® to recognize the Model 3000 Digital Capacitance Meter, USB drivers must be installed on your computer. The USB drivers and installation procedure are available on the Model 3000 application CD or can be downloaded from our website:




Unzip the driver file "CDM 2.02.04 WHQL" to a local directory. By default all driver and documentation files will unzip to the directory "… \CDM 2.02.04 WHQL Certified\".




The USB port on the Model 3000 uses the DLP-2232M module and FDTI FT2232C chip. The most recent drivers and other useful information can be found on their websites:


For trouble free installation, it is highly recommended that you follow the procedure for installing the USB drivers, described section 2.1 "Installing CDM Drivers", in the FTDI document: "Windows_XP_Installation_Guide.pdf". This document is included in the "FTDI_USB_drivers" directory on the CD or the file can be downloaded from the link given below:


Note: Under Windows XP, the "Found New Hardware Wizard" should be used to install devices when they are connected to the PC for the first time, as this is the recommended procedure for reliable device operation. The FTDI USB driver installation installs both the D2XX (dll) driver and VCP (virtual communication port) driver for both A and B ports.


The FTDI USB drivers are also available as a setup executable. You can run the file "CDM 2.02.04.exe" on the CD or download the file here “CDM 2.02.04.exe” to install the necessary drivers.


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