Model 3000 Software and USB Driver Installation


All of the software, USB drivers, and installation procedures for the Model 3000 Digital Capacitance Meter can be downloaded from our website using this link: “”. A summary of the files and subdirectories is given below.


LabVIEWDemoPrograms\...       directory of Model 3000 demo v1.2 programs and Vi's.

Support for LabView versions 7.1, 8.2.1, and 8.5


LabVIEWScreenShots\...        directory of Model 3000 demo program screen shoots

                              in jpg and png formats


LabViewRunTimeEngine\...      directory of LabView run time engines versions 7.1.1,

8.2.1, and 8.5


FTDI_USB_drivers\...          directory contains all of the USB driver files and

additional installation information   zip file contains all Model 3000 demo v1.2 programs

                              and Vi's


Readmefirst.pdf               this file in Adobe Acrobat format

Readmefirst.htm               this file in htm format (open in browser)


ReadmeUSBDriverInstall.pdf    USB driver installation information in Adobe Acrobat format

ReadmeUSBDriverInstall.htm    USB driver installation information in htm format (open in browser)


General Installation Procedure:


Review the "ReadmeUSBDriverInstall" document. Copy or download the FTDI drivers "CDM 2.02.04 WHQL" file to your local drive. Unzip the file. Plug the Model 3000 into your computer's USB port and install the USB drivers following the instructions in the "Windows_XP_Installation_Guide.pdf". Also available as a setup executable, the file "CDM 2.02.04.exe" can be run to install the necessary drivers. These drivers support Windows 2000, Windows XP x32 and x64, Windows XP x64, Windows Vista x32 and x64, and Windows Server 2000 x32 and x64.


For existing LabVIEW® users, copy or download the appropriate version of the demo program and Vi's in the “LabVIEWDemoPrograms\...” directory to your local drive. Review the "Readmefirst" file and follow the installation procedure for "Quick Start for Existing LabVIEW® Installations".


For users without LabVIEW® or for standalone applications, copy or download the file appropriate runtime engine in the "LabViewRunTimeEngine\..." directory to your local drive. Run the executable file to install the runtime engine. The precompiled Model 3000 demo programs can be found in the directory: “LabVIEWDemoPrograms\...


Note: All software and drivers for the Model 3000 have been tested only on computers running Microsoft's Windows XP® x32, Vista x32, and Vista x64 editions.  All of the Model 3000 and USB communication Vi's were written in LabVIEW® 7.1, 8.2.1, 8.5 and will not run in earlier versions of LabVIEW®. Contact National Instruments, “”, to upgrade to version 7.1 or later. LabVIEW® version 7.1 will run on Windows XP and Windows 2000 only.


For support on driver installation and other issues related to the software or LabVIEW® runtime engine installation, contact GLK Instruments at


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