4 Pin Extension Cable for 4 Wire PWM Controlled Fans

4 Pin Female PWM to 4 Pin Male PWM extension cable. Special order item. This extension cable connects a 4-pin PWM fan to a 4-pin header on a motherboard or fan controller board. These 4-pin extension cables are fully compliant with the Intel spec for 4-Wire Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Controlled Fans.

These extension cables are a useful accessory for Supermicro tower server cases such as the SC743TQ. They are compatible with all Supermico PWM fans such as FAN-0104L4, FAN-0103L4, FAN-0074L, etc. and all Supermicro motherboards with 4 pin headers such as X7DWA, X7DCA, etc.

We assemble, test, and inspect all cables to insure they meet the same quality standards of our test equipment cables. We use equivalent Molex 47054-1000 or Wieson 2510C888-001 connector housings and Molex 47053-1000, Wieson 2366C888-007, Foxconn HF27040-M1, or Tyco 1470947-1 mating headers.

The cables are a special order item and offered in custom lengths only; please inquire.


Pin Number 1, Function = GND, Wire Color = BLACK
Pin Number 2, Function = 12 V, Wire Color = YELLOW
Pin Number 3, Function = SENSE, Wire Color = GREEN
Pin Number 4, Function = CONTROL, Wire Color = BLUE

Order P/N: 2510S-xx
Order P/N: 2510U-xx
xx = specifies length in inches
S = sheathed, U = unsheathed