Model 3000 Capacitance Meter

Prices effective 1 July 2023
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Model 3000 Standard Features -

  • Convenient 2-BNC Terminal Capacitance Measurements using Low Cost Shielded Probes
  • ONE Femtofarad (1x10-15 Farad) Resolution & Basic Accuracy of 0.1%!
  • The Model 3000 Capacitance Meter Includes an Unbuffered 0-200mV F.S. Analog Output and Digital I/O at the USB Port
  • Ideal for High Accuracy Measurement of Chip Capacitors
  • Very Low Power Consumption on Battery Power (< 3mA at 9 V)
  • LabVIEW© Support - LabVIEW© Screen shot
  • LabVIEW© Software Version 1.21 allows up to 8 Model 3000 Capacitance Meters to be connected to one computer using a multiport USB hub or over a network using a mulitport USB-over-IP hub 
  • Extended Range and Higher Resolution Available Through USB Port
Optional Features -
  • Extended Analog Output Voltage Options
  • Wideband Analog Output Options for Dynamic Capacitance Measurements of MEMs Devices
  • Extended Measurement / Test Frequency Options
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Specifications -

Range (full scale)
Std. Measurement Frequencies
Reading Speed (USB Port)
2.000 pF to 200.0 nF (six ranges)
0.001 pF to 0.1 nF
24 kHz, 2.4 kHz, 240 Hz (5 V square wave)
16.7 readings/s (max)
3 1/2 Digit LCD
+/- (0.1% of reading + 2 digits)
9 V alkaline or external battery eliminator

Options -

001 Wideband Analog Output
002 Analog Output (buffered)
003 Extended Measurement / Test Frequency
~ 70 Hz (all ranges)
0-200 mV, 0-2 V, or 0-5 V
inquire for specifications

Description -

The Model 3000 Capacitance Meter is still the first commercially available low cost, high accuracy instrument designed exclusively for the measurement of very small value capacitors and capacitors whose size and shape are not conveniently handled by conventional sockets, clamp fixtures, or alligator clip leads. The Model 3000 is particularly useful for measurement of chip capacitors whose small size precludes the use of identifying marks. Other uses include measurement of the capacitance between the traces on a printed circuit board, thin film capacitors, MOSFET gate capacitance, microstrip or stripline capacitance, etc. The analog output and wideband options provide a convenient and low cost solution for characterization of the dynamic capacitance of MEMs devices. Complete specifications can be found in the Operating Manual.

The Model 3000 uses a patented* switched capacitor circuit and ratiometric measurement techniques to eliminate errors due to stray capacitance-to-ground and component drift. This unique circuit allows the test capacitor or structure to be remotely connected to the meter by two, miniature, shielded probes or by coaxial cables without affecting the zero, accuracy, or resolution of the instrument.

ANALOG OUTPUT - Although the resolution of the Model 3000 LCD display is limited to 3 1/2 digits, higher resolution can be obtained using the low noise, 0 to 200 mV analog output signal on the back panel. When the analog output signal is connected to an external high resolution DVM such as an HP 34401A, Keysight 3458A, or Solartron 7061, the ultimate resolution and reading-to-reading noise of the Model 3000 is less than 10 ppm as shown in this plot of a 200pF air capacitor.

DIGITAL OUTPUT - The USB port provides the user with additional range, resolution, and the ability to log data to a file. The USB port is fully supported by LabVIEW©. USB drivers and a LabVIEW© demonstration programs are available for the Model 3000 Capacitance Meter.

SOFTWARE - The Model 3000 LabVIEW© demonstration program is a standalone executable file that requires only the LabVIEW© runtime engine to load and run. When the LabVIEW© demonstration program is launched, a virtual Model 3000 front panel is displayed along with additional functions that include plots of the meter readings and histogram, offset adjustments, sample rate, and data logging to a disk file. This is a screen shot of the LabVIEW© demonstration program, a screen shot showing baseline noise limit (~27aF) with zero input on the 2pF range, and a screen shot showing the stability over 26 hours.

For many users, the demonstration program maybe all that is needed to acquire and store data. For users who wish to customize the demonstration program or write their own virtual instrument program, we provide a complete set of LabVIEW© VI's. The Model 3000 LabVIEW© demonstration program, USB drivers, LabVIEW© VI's, and software installation instructions are provided on the application DVD shipped with each instrument, or they can be downloaded here. We currently support select LabVIEW© versions 8.2, 8.5, 2009 through 2023. Contact us if you need support for a LabVIEW© version not listed in the download section.

MULTIPORT OPERATION - LabVIEW© software version 1.21 allows up to 8 Model 3000 Capacitance Meters to be connected to one computer using a multiport-powered USB hub or over a network using a mulitport-powered USB-over-IP hub. This is a screen shot of LabVIEW© version 1.21 showing meter selection button. Contact us for recommended multiport-powered USB or USB-over-IP hubs.  

CALIBRATION - The basic accuracy of the Model 3000 is +/- (0.1% of reading +2 digits). Each unit is calibrated using capacitor standards maintained by GLK Instruments. These standards are compared to our primary GR 1404-A Reference Standard Capacitor. Traceability to NIST is provided at no extra charge. Recommended calibration cycle is 2-3 years.

*United States Patent No. 4806846, LabVIEW© is a registered trademark of National Instruments

Capacitance Meter Calibration Standards & LCR Meter Test Fixtures -

Contact GLK Instruments Contact GLK Instruments Contact GLK Instruments
Single 2-BNC (3-Terminal) Capacitor Standard, Set of Capacitor Standards, and LCR Meter Test Fixtures
- click images to enlarge -

We offer a line of 2-BNC (3-terminal) capacitor standards for a quick calibration check of the Model 3000 Capacitance Meter. These capacitor standards can be checked and calibrated using our custom 4-BNC (5-terminal) adapter (P/N 2901600-100) on any LCR meter with 22mm BNC terminal spacing. Recommended LCR meters include Keysight or Agilent E4980AL / E4980A, E4981A Capacitance Meter, or IET GenRad 1693 Precision LCR Meter. We also offer a custom 4-BNC to 3-terminal banana jack calibration adapter (P/N 2901600-200) to check the calibration of IET GenRad 1409-series Standard Capacitors. Additional details on the LCR meter adapters are here.

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Manual, Software, and Price List -

Current Instruction and Operating Manual with Complete Specifications

Current Instruction and Operating Manual with Complete Specifications (in Adobe PDF format)

Current and Older Manuals


Current Price List

Current Price List (in Adobe PDF format)

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Ordering -

To place an order or to request a quotation and delivery times, email us with the part number, quantity, options, and shipping address. We normally respond in 24 hours. Prices are in US dollars and do not include shipping cost. Shipments to California addresses are subject to 7.75% sales tax unless you provide us with a current CA resale permit number.

Payment:  For US and Canadian customers, we accept checks drawn on a US bank, money orders, company purchase orders, and PayPal. We only accept PayPal for all other international orders. Credit cards are accepted only through our merchant account at PayPal. If paying by credit card, we will gladly forward a PayPal invoice to your email address that you can pay directly and securely. We do not need your credit card information. We are a verified member of PayPal. For international PayPal users including Canada, we add 1.75% to total (including shipping).

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