Capacitance Meter Calibration Standards and LCR Meter Test Fixtures

Calibration Standards -

Capacitor standards are available in the values of 10pF, 100pF, 1nF, 10nF, and 100nF. These standards can be used to calibrate or check the calibration of our Model 3000 Capacitance Meter. They have 2-BNC conncetors on 0.75 inch centers and are designed for direction connection the Model 3000 Capacitance Meter (see picture below). The 2-BNC connector configuration (see schematic below) allow for the terminal capacitances and their uncertainties to be eliminated using 3-terminal measurement techinque or the Model 3000 Capacitance Meter. The calibrated capacitor (Cstd) is connected between BNC terminals 1 and 2. There is approximately 6.0 pF stray capacitance (C1 and C1) between each center pin of the BNC connectors and ground. The stray capacitance-to-ground does not contribute to Cstd when making measurements with the Model 3000 Capacitance Meter or when making 3-terminal or 5-terminal measurements using an LCR meters such Agilent or Keysight E4980AL / E4980A, IET GenRad 1693, or IET GenRad Capacitance Bridge 1620 or 1621. Each capacitor standard ships with two 12 inch BNC cables as shown below that can be used to connect the standard to the Model 3000 Capacitance Meter instead of a direct connection or to any other capacitance meter or bridge that does not have 0.75 inch connector spacing.

NOTE: We can also supply custom values from 1pF to 100nF.

Standard Part Numbers: 10pF -> P/N 2901409-100; 100pF -> P/N 2901409-101; 1nF -> P/N 2901409-102; 10nF -> P/N 2901409-103; 100nF -> P/N 2901409-102

Each standard includes a NIST traceable certificate of calibration.

CapacitorStd.jpg 3-TerminalCapacitorStd.jpg

LCR Meter Test Fixtures -

We offer a line of 4-BNC (5-terminal) to 2-BNC (3-terminal) and 4-BNC to banana jack adapters for LCR meters with standard 22 mm (0.866 inch) connector spacing. These adapters are compatible with LCR meters such as the Agilent or Keysight E4980AL / E4980A or IET GenRad 1693. The 4-BNC to 2-BNC LCR meter adapter is intended to be used with our calibration capacitor standards, but can be used to measure any 2-BNC capacitor, inductor, or resister standard. The 4-BNC to banana jack adapter is designed to measure IET GenRad 1409-series standard capacitors using a direct connection to the LCR meter through the adapter. This eliminated long cables and errors do to stray capacitance between cables. The 4-BNC to banana jack adapter is also supplied with clips to measure axial and radial-leaded components.

Standard Part Numbers: P/N 2901600-100 (Calibration fixture, 4-BNC to 2-BNC adapter); P/N 2901600-200 (Calibration fixture, 4-BNC to Banana Jacks adapter)

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Updated 27 September 2021
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